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Partners Kosova Center for Conflict Management (Partners K)

  Partners Kosova Center for Conflict Management, with new acronym (here and after “Partners K”) belongs to Partners Global (former Partners for Democratic Change International) Partners Network of the 20 independent local organizations in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.

  Founded in 2001, “Partners K” as locally-managed NGO working to advance civil society, good governance and a culture of change and conflict management in Kosovo, EU and further, recently is registered as local legal entity “Partners K”, a fully localized NGO. Its excellent expert team remains the same and will continue to usefully implement its complex programs – Mediation, Women and Youth Leadership, Minority Return and Sustainable Integration and Local Government Initiatives Program. Two other potential programs are Transitional Justice and P/CVE. “Partners K” over the years has provided training to thousands of individuals in conflict management, collaborative processes, NGO-government cooperation locally and internationally, ethnic integration and interethnic cooperative planning, leadership skills for women and youth, human rights, anti-discrimination and sexual harassment in working places, anti-trafficking networking and coalition building, corporate social responsibilities, as well as cooperative advocacy training skills.

  “Partners K” has the most active Mediation Services, mediating and providing Trainings, which has settled over 400 cases, involving more than 12,000 people. In 2002, Center experts’ staff, has drafted the first Kosovo draft Law on Mediation, and was part of the working group to vet the draft, which in final form was signed by the Kosovo Parliament in September of 2008. In 2011-2012, has opened two Mediation Centers in 2 municipalities of Kosovo, in Ferizaj and Gjakova municipality.

  Through Local Government Program, “Partners K” organized the workshop for creation of the Code of Ethics for Municipal Inspectors and co-drafted with them the Code of Ethics as a tool to support their work, which ultimately gained Municipal Assembly approval in several municipalities (2005).

  Since its inception PK, thanks to different donors’ support, has disburse around 1 million € in different grant schemes through its numerous projects for Project direct beneficiaries ranging from local house economy to support for Agricultural project and Small and Medium Enterprises
With decreasing of global safety and security because of Violent Extremism (VE) activities as global phenomenon spreading to Kosovo too, “Partners K” has actively engaged in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) activities through its projects, not only in Kosovo but in the region of Western Balkans, and beyond. Since 2016 “Partners K” through its P/CVE several projects and non-project activities managed to work with different stakeholders’ groups and beneficiaries, locally and internationally. “Partners K” has extended its contribution to regional countries by working side by side with partner organizations in establishing national and regional hub for CSO’s working on P/CVE 

Who we are

Partners-Kosova- Center for Conflict Management funded in 2001 by Shukrije Gashi, Executive Director, responsible for fulfilling Partners’ basic mission, which is to build sustainable local capacity to advance civil society and a culture of change and conflict management.

Partners Kosova is a local NGO committed to building sustainable indigenous capacity to advance civil society and a culture of change and conflict management. Partners-Kosova is one of the fourteen Centers of Partners for Democratic Change (PDC), an international NGO, founded in 1989. PDC through its Centers, has provided vital communication, negotiation, and cooperative planning skills to thousands of civic, NGO, municipal and national government leaders in over 55 countries.


• PK locally is also Member of Partners Global a worldwide network of 20 independent NGO’s working to bring world (USA), partnersglobal.org
• COMMUNITIES FIRST: Creation of a civil society hub to address violent extremism – from prevention to reintegration: https://www.facebook.com/Communities-First-Hub-116776993501029/
• Kosovo Women Network womensnetwork.org ,
• Kosovo Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TJ), and
• CiviKos Platform civikos.net
• Council for Dignity, Forgiveness, Justice and Reconciliation in Rome, Italy, Rome. arapacisinitiative.org/meet-the-council/ ,
• Coalition for Social Justice: http://iksweb.org/en/?page_id=4194
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