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Throughout this program PK works with women and youth in Kosovo and outside of Kosova, different target groups in need for support to build their skills to participate in local decision-making. PK provides training’s in leadership skills for women and youth leaders who have demonstrated interest in leadership and advocacy. Their participation in the planned citizen participation initiative has made a positive contribution to addressing their community’s interests and issues.

Starting in 2002, PK worked with different women and youth groups in empowering their skills in take responsibility on community driven initiatives. After providing training process over a decade for  the first group of 25 Young Women Leaders from different Kosovo Municipalities, they managed to  become more assertive, more powerful, creating clear visions for themselves and for their organizations and communities.  Over the years PK has worked with different target groups from various municipalities throughout Kosovo with special emphases on Women War Widows, war sex victims, youth groups from all ethnic backgrounds throughout different projects aiming their empowerment in different social spheres. Over the years PK did contribute into drafting of Kosovar Law on Women Rights, Law on Anti discrimination, Law on Gender Equality, National Strategy for Women, National Action plans etc. Besides PK did publish different legal Drafts aiming to empower to position of women in Kosovar Society through its projects.

Throughout different project implemented PK has managed to bring together various groups from different ethnic and religion backgrounds from Kosovo and beyond, through complementary workshops to contribute peace building processes and sustainable democracies in respective countries, by shifting the stakeholders focus from  .Over the several years PK has successfully managing an Intercultural and Inter community Youth Reconciliation project between Balkan, Middle East and Caucasus involving Albanians, Serbs, Palestinians, Israelis, Armenians and Azerbaijanis. PK has been focused in enhancing the women position in the Kosovar society.