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PK thanks to longstanding work experience through many projects, its professional knowledge, expertise and mobilization training skills in various relevant themes and topics, such as: Mediation, ADR, Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Gender Equality and anti discrimination- locally and internationally, including the training and workshops, conducted for majority and non-majority communities.

PK with Transitional Justice Program is aiming to strengthen its existing knowledge, expertise, practice and skills applied through different projects and activities, implemented locally and internationally. The first crucial experience of PK staff to implement Transitional Justice activities was with RECOM Initiative – The Regional Commission Tasked with Establishing the Facts about All Victims of War Crimes and Other Serious Human Rights Violations Committed on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia from 1 January 1991 to 31 December 2001.  From 2006 – 2008, PK has helped this initiative conducting round-tables and debates and consultative meetings with different relevant stakeholders, in Kosovo and also participating in different events and training’s in Former Yugoslavia.

The idea of the above-mentioned consultation was to explore different opinions and opportunities with different stakeholders from Civil Society throughout Kosovo on the Establishing a Regional Commission for Fact-finding and Truth-seeking-telling about War Crimes in former Yugoslavia.  The round table consolations organized by PK did focus on bringing different vulnerable groups together over a one day consultation to discuss the benefits of supporting the establishing such commission for all war victims and other supportive stakeholders for the sake of future generations in the region.  PK thanks to longstanding work experience in Transitional Justice program through many projects working with all affected groups such as War widows, Victims of Sexual Violence, Kosovo’s Government Commission on Missing Persons, Families Associations of the Missing Persons, Kosovo Liberation Army War Veterans, etc as result of Kosovo war in 1999. PK has also contributed with recommendations regarding the appropriate treatment of “Survivors of Sexual Violence during the Kosovo War” within the “Law No. 04/L-054 On the Status and the Rights of the Martyrs, Invalids, Veterans, Members of Kosova Liberation Army, Civilians Victims of War and Their Families”. Over the years PK has supported the social categories in increasing their position in society through Social and Economical Initiatives. Numerous round table, conferences, debates, group talks discussions where organized in order to contribute to reconciliation and sustainable integration of Kosovo.
During 2011-2013 PK was active Member of the Kosovo Inter-Ministerial and CSO Working Group for Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation (DWP).  In this working group PK was represented by Executive Director as an expert on Transitional Justice, International Mediator, and Gender related issues, serving as DWP chair in period of 3 years of the Fourth Pillar of Inter-Ministerial and CSO Working Group for Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation (DWP). From 2017, PK is actively engaged to support the new Initiative of Kosovo President for establishing Kosovo Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.