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Partners Kosova within this program provide training that is part of the organization’s programs, implemented projects and on the basis of the requirements of institutions through contracts. Through this program PK offered different training’s/workshops for different ,organizations, institutes, groups  ages and different professions.

In this program are offering the following training’s:

  • Training on ADR skills include: communication skills, negotiation, mediation (Peer mediation), and facilitation;
  • Training on Human Rights;
  • Training Gender-Based Violence;
  • Training on Advocacy and Networking;
  • Project Proposal Writing and Management Training;
  • Training on Participatory Planning;
  • Collaborative Process Model (CPM),
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Training on Gender Anti-discrimination.
  • Training on P/CVE activities

Partners Kosova is internationally certified for these types of training.

Also, Partners in Kosovo provide training on Transitional Justice and Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism as other activities in these areas as an initiative for the development of two new programs on: Program of Transitional Justice and Program on Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism.

The Transitional Justice Program has the intention to strengthen knowledge and information sharing on the aftermath of Kosovo and the Balkans in order to create Kosovo’s national strategy and mechanisms to address the issue of the near past and missing persons. Partners Kosovo’s strategy for achieving the goal of the program is to provide best local and regional practices, co-operation with other relevant institutions and strategic policy advice that assist local and international institutions and CSO efforts in addressing key local development and regional, conflict prevention and restorative justice issues. Based on the experience of Kosovo partners over the past two years, the transitional justice program defines work in Kosovo with families and members of the organization dealing with missing persons but also through regional co-operation such as the RECOM Initiative.

Also, the Program for Prevention and Countering Violent extremism, that Partners Kosovo has   achieved considerable success through the implementation of various projects in cooperation with various actors, local and international. Our intention in this program is awareness and engagement of young people and the community in general for the prevention and countering of violent extremism, between various activities, in cooperation with local and international institutions.

By carrying out the work with great dedication, Partners Kosovo has managed to build a good reputation among Kosovo’s society, but also with the wider Balkan region, the EU and the Western countries as well as the Middle East thanks to donor support different in Kosovo and abroad.