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Shukrije Gashi
Executive Director

Shukrije Gashi is the founder and Executive Director of “Partners-Kosova” Center for Conflict Management (member of Partners Global, an International Network of Partners for Democratic Change). She holds a JD degree and a BA on Teacher Training Diploma, both from University of Prishtina. She holds International Credentials on Mediation, Gender and Transitional Justice Trainings (PDCI, Brussels). Her expertise has been crucial in drafting a number of laws and regulations on the topic, including: Law on Mediation, Code of Ethics and the Regulation for Kosova Civil Servants (Municipal Inspectors), etc. Ms. Gashi, provides expert advice and recommendations for international policy makers, such as: in US (Institute for Inclusive Security, at the twelfth annual colloquium, January 2011) and Civil Society Dialogue Network meeting: Strategic Review of EULEX Kosovo: Assessing progress towards the end state of the Mission, 16 June 2015, Brussels (EPLO), expertise recommendations and training on P/CVE- Strong Cities Summit from on 11-12 May in Antalya, Turkey: Theory and practice on community engagement and trust-building, counter-narratives and youth engagement. In the capacity of Gender Expert, Shuki has providing expertise and recommendations on Expert Mission on Gender and Transitional Justice, an activity organized by UN Women and the Ministry of Justice, Bogota, Colombia (6-10 February 2017). Recently, she was invited at NATO High-Profile Event: Gender Awareness in the Security and Defense Field April 27-28, 2017, University of San Diego Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Panel 2 – Grounding Gendered Security as s Guest speaker and panelist – Pp presentation (Gender and Security: a view on Kosovo): What does gender analysis in military operations look like on the ground in situations of conflict? Where have militaries done it well in practice? Where have challenges arisen between planning and implementation?

Ms. Gashi, also lectures frequently to national and international audiences, and since 2011, she is a regular lecturer at the Summer Program on Mediation/ADR methodologies and Peace Collaborative Processes, Human Rights, Controlled and non-controlled Media and Journalism, Transitional Justice, Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism theories, training and Peace building of the American University Kosovo (AUK).

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Hilmije Ramabaja
Training Program Manager/ Mediator/ Trainer

Hilmije Ramabaja, MA in International Finance and Accounting, she is the Training Programs Manager, Mentor, Trainer and Mediator of “Partners-Kosova” Center for Conflict Management, in Prishtina, where she has worked since 2002. Ms. Ramabaja is talented in designing and developing Training Modules, applying new innovative drawing techniques for visualization of the training objectives and messages. Ms. Ramabaja, as well-experienced trainer, conducts training programs adoptable to any PK projects needs and non PK projects, requested by other interested stakeholders and partners, representatives from local and international GO-s and NGO-s.

Ms. Ramabaja is working closely along with the Executive Director, other P-K staff and Partners Global (former PDCI) Centers to develop and advance Training and other Programs and PK services. She contributed a great deal with her knowledge expertise and activities for Mediation Program, providing mediation consultancy, mediating and co-mediating with PK and other non PK mediators. She also has participated actively in more than 100 mediation sessions.

Ms. Ramabaja, successfully has conducted many trainings for Women and Youth leadership programs, Human Rights (Woman Inheritance and Property Rights), Minority Return and Sustainable Reintegration Program, training on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism for youth (P/CVE) implemented in Kosovo and region-wide. She successfully has completed the implementation of many different PK projects funded by various donors: EU, USAID, SDC, OSBE, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OSCE, SEAD/USAID etc.  She works hard to develop and promote P-K Training program, using her creative arts synergy for successful implementation of PK activities with appropriate organizations and individuals within all sectors, using complementary collaboration method – “competing to complement” with all relevant stakeholders in Kosovo, representatives of  local and international GO-s and NGO-s.

 Currently, she is the Project Coordinator of PK Regional Project- Communities First” Communities First: Creation of a civil society hub to address violent extremism – from prevention to reintegration” funded by European Union in Brussels.