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Partners Kosova (PK) belongs to Partners Global (former Partners for Democratic Change International) Partners Network of the 20 independent local organizations in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 2001, PK as locally-managed NGO working to advance civil society, good governance and a culture of change and conflict management in Kosovo, EU and further. PK implementing complex programs – Mediation, Women and Youth Leadership, Minority Return and Sustainable Integration and Local Government Initiatives Program. Two other potential programs are Transitional Justice and P/CVE. It has provided training to thousands of individuals in conflict management, collaborative processes, NGO-government cooperation locally and internationally, ethnic integration and interethnic cooperative planning, leadership skills for women and youth, human rights, anti-discrimination and sexual harassment in working places, anti-trafficking networking and coalition building, corporate social responsibilities, as well as  cooperative advocacy training skills. Thanks to different donors, PK has implemented numerous of project with Grant schemes to directly assist with complementary skills in Financially support community integration initiatives throughout Kosovo wide. Till today PK has disburse around 1 million € in different grant schemes through all its projects for Project direct beneficiaries ranging from local house economy to support for Agricultural project  and  Small and Medium Enterprises . PK has a well-trained 5 permanent current staff and 2 external trainers (former PK staff) to carry out projects in its relevant programs, also equipped with international credentials, as trainers in mediation/ ADR and other Collaborative processes.

Through it’s Mediation Program PK did established two Mediation Centers, in two Kosovo municipalities: in Ferizaj and in Gjakovë, with main focus on capacity development for improving justice delivery system by the development and strengthening of alternative dispute resolution services which were designed to reduce the backlog of cases in the judicial process. A gender-responsive approach was critical to consider the disparate impacts of justice delivery on women and men and ensure adequate mediation services. PK has Kosovo’s most active Mediation Services, mediating and providing Trainings, which has settled over 400 cases, involving more than 12,000 people. In 2002, PK drafted the first Kosovo draft Law on Mediation and was part of the working group to vet the draft, which in final form was signed by the Kosovo Parliament in September of 2008.

By its Local Government Program, PK spearheaded the creation of a Code of Ethics for Municipal Inspectors, which ultimately gained Municipal Assembly approval in several municipalities.  PK was chosen most of the time as a leading partner for different EU/EC regional project initiatives for consortiums, because of its expertise in the selected methodologies; Its vast experience in working with local CSOs in Kosovo, particularly women CSOs, as well as the media; its high reputation as a training service provider (to civil society as well as government, both local and international stakeholders); its knowledge of local needs, concerns, as well as resources and capacities, and its commitment to and vast experience in working to promote human rights, particularly the rights of vulnerable groups such as minorities and women.

Within Community Development Program PK has worked with different ethnic communities from all regions of Kosovo in Enhancing their position in Political, educational , social and Economical sphere. Through this program we managed to deliver a great amount of support directly to these communities as means of sustainable integration and return process to their place of origin.

Within the Women and Youth Leadership Program, PK works with different women and youth groups from different areas of Kosovo and different backgrounds. Through  providing direct support to strengthen  their skills to participate in local decision-making, active participation, human rights, antidiscrimination, economical empowerment, Gender equality, Education, Transitional Justice, Peace Tables, Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism,  etc . Over the years PK has managed to become very strong voice for other women and youth needs in their communities and beyond.

Through Training Program, over the years PK did provide different capacity building services to different institutions related to projects implemented. So far PK has trained individuals from Local and International GO’s & NGO’s, Judiciary System, Private Sector, Education system including schools teachers, parents, students and other related staff, Women and Youth groups from marginalized communities throughout Kosovo.

PK thanks to longstanding work experience in Transitional Justice program through many projects working with all affected groups such as War widows, War Sexual Victims etc  as result of Kosovo war in 1999. Over the years PK has supported the social categories in increasing their position in society through Social and Economical Initiatives. Numerous round table, conferences, debates, group talks discussions where organized in order to contribute to reconciliation and sustainable integration of Kosovo.
During 2011-2013 PK was active Member of the Kosovo Inter-Ministerial and CSO Working Group for Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation (DWP).

In this working group PK was represented by Executive Director as an expert on Transitional Justice, International Mediator, and Gender related issues, serving as DWP chair in period of 3 years of the Fourth Pillar of Inter-Ministerial and CSO Working Group for Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation (DWP). From 2017, PK is actively engaged to support the new Initiative of Kosovo President for establishing Kosovo Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

With decreasing of global safety and security, PK is actively engaged in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) not in Kosovo but in the region of Western Balkans as well. Over the years we managed to target different communities in order to mobilize of youth and community overall in prevention and Countering Violent extremism.  Throughout its projects, PK did work closely with different social and community groups such as Women, Youth, Partners, Affected Families, Local and National Intuitions, Security Sector etc on locally and Internationally level. In cooperation with various actors, local and international, PK has extended its contribution to regional countries by working side by side with partner organizations in establishing regional hubs for CSO’s working on P/CVE.