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PK Mediation Program, since its inception in 2001 until 2013 use to serve as the only active professional provider of Mediation Services in Kosovo, mediating and providing Training’s. In 2002, PK drafted the first Kosovo draft Law on Mediation and was part of the working group to vet the draft, which in final form was signed by the Kosovo Parliament in September of 2008.  PK since 2001 has trained over thousands participants of diverse ethnicity in Mediation ADR methodologies skills (Communication, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Facilitation, Mediation, and Collaborative Processes). Through these years, PK has settled over 400 cases, involving more than 12,000 people in cooperation with 45 external mediators, trained by PK trainers.

After implementation of the project: “Capacity Building Mediation Skills and Gender Sensitization Awareness”, funded by UNDP Access to Justice project, during 2011-2012, when PK opened two Mediation Centers, in two Kosovo municipalities: in Ferizaj and in Gjakovë, and other substantial work of PK was done to support Ministry of Justice to establish Mediation Commission, when PK was a Member of Advisory Board of the Kosovo Mediation Commission/ Kosovo Ministry of Justice, assisting the MJ in drafting statutes and regulation on training and certification for mediators. As well experienced active professional Center for mediation services in Kosovo, PK’s, used mediation to resolve the following cases: family, property, business, blood feuds, legal issues, commercial, labor, other civil relationships, administrative and criminal matters on which parties may freely express their own free will. PK, has provide training in basic and advanced mediation skills; and expert consultation in setting up mediation programs for schools, municipalities, and local courts (court annex mediation), national & international NGOs, government agencies and diverse community groups.

The Center has developed a highly effective Kosovar mediation methodology that blends modern mediation concepts such as voluntary participation and mediator neutrality with Kosova’s centuries-old traditions of mediation by a trusted third party and court annex mediation.