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Local Government Initiative – LGI is a PK program working with Local municipalities and National governmental institutions in providing support and assistance, including skills to manage conflicts and social change in their municipalities. PK has trained hundreds of municipal leaders and staff in conflict management and citizen participation, transparency, cooperative planning, facilitation, and conflict management, Gender Responsive Budgeting, Collaborative Process etc.

As municipal officials in Kosova are responsible to deliver basic public services, many of them have successfully applied the citizen outreach and transparency skills learned at PK training’s throughout different workshops and projects.  Since the beginning, PK conducted training’s for around 1000 municipal and public administration officials in leadership skills and conflict management and other collaborative processes. One of the most significant results of the Local Government program is the creation of a Code of Ethics for Municipal Inspectors, which has increased transparency and accountability among civil servants.

From the success of the original project in Rahovec, Code of Ethics Municipality regulations have sprung up across different municipalities throughout  Kosova such as, Peja, Prizren, and Prishtina.  Since September 2006 these regulations are approved in Local Assemblies and implemented in full capacity by municipal inspectors.