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  1. “Communities First: Creation of a civil society hub to address violent extremism – from prevention to reintegration”

    The activity is part of the regional project “Communities First: Creation of Civil Society Hub to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism—from prevention to reintegration” implemented by Center for Legal Civic Initiatives (Albania), Hope and Homes for Children (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Partners – Center for Conflict Management (Kosovo), Forum MNE (Montenegro), Center for Common Ground (Macedonia), and Cultural Center DamaD (Serbia) and financially supported by the European Union through Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016-2017.

    This project aims to Develop a Western Balkans (WB) Civil Society Hub to empower civil society organizations (CSOs) to be more effective and accountable actors and to improve their capacity to implement projects and dialogue with governments, influencing policy and decision-making processes as it relates to preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) that leads to terrorism in the region.

    This project is working with target Group (s) such as : Grassroots and other relevant CSOs across the WB working on P/CVE or related projects, programs, and policies, with a particular focus on youth-led organizations and those working on education, women-led initiatives, civic engagement and leadership, community resilience, faith-based cooperation, and dialogue.

    This project is implemented throughout all Kosovo and consists of following activities:  1)Map CSO-led P/CVE activities in the region; 2) Convene grassroots and other relevant CSO stakeholders and other community actors from each country region to identify the capacity-building and other requirements of the network; 3) Develop, after thematic and regional consultations, structure/terms of reference for and launch the hub; 4) Provide ongoing support to and training for local CSOs in the areas of P/CVE; 5) Develop a CSO CVE action plan with correlating implementation guidelines for CSOs across the region for steps that can be taken to implement the P/CVE agenda; and 6) Develop and manage a small-grants mechanism to support the design and implementation of activities by members of the network.