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Throughout this program PK implements activities that supports Community Integration with special focus on Non Majority communities throughout Kosovo. This PK program focuses on providing support within sustainable integration processes in Kosovo. PK implements projects that build lasting relationships, curb xenophobia, integrate returnees, and revitalize the social, economic and political life of communities across Kosova.

PK cooperates with other Non Majority NGO’s throughout Kosovo to implement not only Social empowerment activities but also Community driven economical empowerment project that shapes the lives of communities directly. Our approach deals with aspects of building inter ethnic confidence through cooperative planning throughout Kosovo between Albanians and Serbs through Economic empowerment. Within Community Development Program PK has worked with different ethnic communities from all regions of Kosovo in Enhancing their position in Political, educational, social and Economical sphere. Through this program we managed to deliver a great amount of support directly to these communities as means of sustainable integration and return process to their place of origin.

This program aims to Identified major obstacles to effective majority and non-majority community sustainable reconciliation and cooperation throughout reintegration and economical community development strategies in Kosovo. We managed to Develop methodology for overcoming these obstacles and implement inter ethnic cooperation project modules aiming community development and reconciliation through Enhancement of local capacity to implement effective majority and non-majority community reconciliation, cooperation and reintegration policies through the building of advanced change and conflict management skills, cooperative planning through economic development for the project beneficiaries.